"The Atari Wildcat"
 ____  _                          ____           _     
/ ___|| |_ _____   _____ _ __    / ___|__ _ _ __| |___ 
\___ \| __/ _ \ \ / / _ \ '_ \  | |   / _` | '__| / __|
 ___) | ||  __/\ V /  __/ | | | | |__| (_| | |  | \__ \
|____/ \__\___| \_/ \___|_| |_|  \____\__,_|_|  |_|___/

by Peter Petrisko (ptp333@yahoo.com)

Let me tell you about the first time I met Carls in person. While we had "known" each other via Apollo BBS for years, we didn't actually meet until a short time thereafter.

I went down to Tucson, to attend University of Arizona. It was a new town to me, I knew nobody. I moved into a dorm, and found out that my "next door neighbor" was, in fact, this guy named Terry, who attended the same high school as I did. We didn't know each other that much in H.S., but we had mutual friends.

Anyway, soon thereafter I met Terry's roommate. He was a fair haired boy with a quick wit. So, I was talking to Terry's roommate that first day, and I happened to look up on the shelf, where sat a big, blue letter A. (I think it was an A, if memory serves.)

It looked very familiar, so I said to the guy something like, "That 'A' reminds me of a store sign I knew in Phoenix. It was on the front of a store called 'Apollo Computers', but then the guy that owned the place had to change his store name, so he sold the letters of the old name off piecemeal."

And this roommate says something like, "Oh, you mean Cliffy? Yeah, I bought that letter from him. I'm Steven Carls, the 'Atari Wildcat'."

Thus begun my "Semester of Hell" at U of A.


Personal to Steven Carls: Are you still mainlining Tang? (Sorry, everybody else, private joke.)

So, what happened to Peter? As Yoda would say, "Dashed optimism leads to cynicism. Cynicism leads to sarcasm. Sarcasm leads to 'The World According to Pete'."