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\ \      / / |__ (_)___ _ __   ___ _ __   / ___| |__ (_)_ __  _ __   ___ _ __     / \   __| |
 \ \ /\ / /| '_ \| / __| '_ \ / _ \ '__| | |   | '_ \| | '_ \| '_ \ / _ \ '__|   / _ \ / _` |
  \ V  V / | | | | \__ \ |_) |  __/ |    | |___| | | | | |_) | |_) |  __/ |     / ___ \ (_| |
   \_/\_/  |_| |_|_|___/ .__/ \___|_|     \____|_| |_|_| .__/| .__/ \___|_|    /_/   \_\__,_|
                       |_|                             |_|   |_|                             

Introducing the Whisper Chipper, (tm) by Troy Built.

Don't allow yourself

to be embalmed when you die. Be Whisper Chipped. It's so easy and the

Earth will thank you many times over.

The way it is today, dead people are either filled with harsh, non-

environmental friendly chemicals and then stuffed into a box that may take hundreds

or even thousands of years to decompose. Or they are fried to a crisp which

just adds more carbon and heat to the surface of the planet along with

noxious fumes.

Either way the food chain does not benefit from these two methods and

now there is something that each of us can do that will benefit the whole of

society. Plus it doesn't even cost a lot of money. You pay pennies per

pound. The average deceased costs only $22 to be Whisper Chipped.

The Whisper Chipper has 316 stainless steel, rotating blades that stay

sharp. After a day of using the Whisper Chipper the blades will still

slice a tomato, it's guaranteed.

Here's how one plan works: A quarter acre (at a time) of a large

cemetary/park is cordoned off and the ground is tilled to several feet. A

determined number of pounds of flesh is Whisper Chipped over the prepared

soil and then the earth is tilled over for later growth of plants on ground that is

rich in nutrients. A New section is then prepared and so on, the process


Butchers would be standing by as the cadaver is sent through the metal detectors in order to spot and remove that

metal plate that aunt

Tilda had in her head, keeping the Chipper blades sharp and unbroken.

A wall structure that also serves as a bench holds the

names of the departed (if wished) and a fitting slogan (such as 'lights

worked, horn didn't') could be added. Each corpse could have their own engraving including the date of

departure unless wishing to remain anonymous..

.There would be a party area in the park in order to honor the

recently deceased.

Bird populations flourish in Whisper Chipper areas and neighboring cats

are well fed from what they can grab.

Road kill and those animals put to death by the humane society could easily be mixed

with human remains saving the county a ton of money.

Nature intended for us to

give something back to the planet and this is just one good way of showing

Her that we care.

And just hose the Whisper Chipper out at the end of the day and presto,

it's as clean as when you started.

What could be simpler? -Rod

P.S. There are a few alternate plans along these same lines, all

contributing to the planet instead of hiding from it. After all, this

planet feeds us all of our life and WHAT, we don't even give it the

courtesy of being shit on. Pity. But now, thanks to the Troy Built,

Whisper Chipper, that's all in the past.

(The Tomahawk Chopper by Troy Built is an alternative for your least liked

relatives and loved ones.)

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