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Brother Rod Williams

The Federal Reserve of the United States is private enterprise. There are 12 districts. Each head is there for life.


Great buildings are built. Machinery is produced and brought in. Laborers are hired. Paper and ink are acquired. Paper notes are printed.


Every laborer in the entire process including all control groups such as the military, also doctors, nurses, printers, food purveyors, the lot, all of us are paid with the notes that are being printed.

The notes are backed by air or sun beams, nothing more, nothing less.

Some rob and kill for these printed notes.


Basically it is the way for the ruling class to have a control on the working class, to maneauver society in a way that will serve the good of the whole... or at least it is supposed to work that way but doesn't.

Each note is a tag and every time you accept a note, you are in effect being given a bill from the federal reserve... they want a lot of it back and to them it is only paper, ones and zeroes, nothing more, nothing less. The working class are held accountable for each note that passes through their hands, mutiple taxes (tithes, kickbacks, fees, tolls) are collected.

My dictionary defines Money as: Something that has a value unto itself such as gold, silver, diamonds, anything that can be used for barter or exchange.

In the United States approximately 50 plus percent of an individuals income goes for Governmental Operations. That's not money the government is taking back, it's just ones and zeroes, whispy as air.

You got to keep the poor people down on the farm.

Harvest them regularly, at least once a month. Keep those checks a coming.

The people are being controlled by paper and ink backed by weapons of mass destruction. Boom.


My regards to Daryl Westfall, saw your sign, good one.

My regards to James Taranto for without his wit and wisdom, Apollo would not have been anywhere as neat.

When Dean Hathaway came on to the scene, I said to myself, now here is another good and logical writer joining the Apollo fray, he helped a lot.

My greetings to Archi Medes a great free thinker.

Later came Peter Petrisko, David Burkhart and Zak Woodruff. This was fun.

Reverand Nuclear made his appearance, so did Dan Deacon. Dan had his own BBS, called BullDada BBS. My password was godeatshit or something gross like that. No matter what BBS I was on, I freely gave away my password, I didn't care, I thought that if some mischiveous person posted a message under my user name, on the board, it probably would be worth reading and I always thought, the more the merrier. A person who would do that to another would probably have a sharp enough mind to make it lively. So I gave it away, even posted it on other BBS systems, at least that is how I was kicked off Apollo for several months until I saw Clif at pizza parlor at Metro Center. He was locked out of his automobile and I was a locksmith so we made a deal, I would post no more messages like one that had got me in trouble on Apollo and maybe I went to the Phantom Zone. The message asked, 'what if you were standing at the foot of god (sic), and it pulled out a wang and started peeing towards ! you... would you stand still or move out of the way?' It was an honest question, gods pee would be better than holy water, maybe even better than holy shit.

I'd like to thank a lot of people, especially Mark for doing what he has done, listing old, nostalgic messages from another time, another place.

I'd like to thank Clif for having such a well running system, keeping it clean, neat and sparkling, not like JT who had year old pizza crusts on top. The first time I saw JT's computer I nearly inwardly freaked, he also had a Hayes 300 baud modem which was the best and he could type like fire. Thanks to Chris Zagar for providing the smoothness of the system, no garbage collections at all, narely a crash. Dear Todd Reese's system, Blax -80 had a frequent 45 second garbage collection, usually right in the middle of a thought....

Well people of planet earth, it has been most interesting, soon I must remove my cloak of flesh and zoom off to explore the unlimited possibilities of life, being a human makes that effort nearly impossible.

Being a human is interesting but there is no future in it, I mean, basically a species of animal on space compost that's orbiting a big fucking fire ball... and what is ridiculous and holds humanity a step back from a more enlightened thought is that every time the chunk of space compost orbits the fireball, they think they are a friggin year older. Man wrote a program and bases his age on times around the sun. Some men religiously follow the program line when they get to it, like when they have completed 30 orbits, they become paranoid and think that no one will trust them. Or when you're 40 trips around then your program line number reads a lot of crap. What, is everyone in a box? Do you belong with others who share the same number of orbits, does it really mean anything at all?

This file is too large for me to edit tonight so serendipity is the rule, whatever.

What a strange fucking place this planet is.

Man needs to work together planet wide for the common good. Everone who is here in this physical dimension should know that land cannot be owned by anyone. The Federal Reserve need to get it together and come up with a more reasonable plan for the working people than the one in current operation. We have to address a lot of problems but most of all we can't put too much truck in this temporary world, when it's over, the entire event will seem like a very short period in eternity. Smile, have interesting and prosperous experiences always. : + ) - Rod

Rod Williams
Somewhere in the Milky Way, -