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By   : Anton Lansberry
Subj : Love

Love, a great thing indeed, when given without bonds.
Love, beauty and greatness travel upon the same path.
Love, to be returned with love is a treasuer to all.
Love, to be spurned or returned with hatred is a crime.

Subj : Truth

I stand alone up my mountain of thought.
I look out upon mine fellows and the perils of life.
The chance to die, the play of words that never should be uttered.
The clouds darken the sky, still I stand for Ive no place to go.
I cant hide, I have to stand for truth, I have to stand for honor.
Can you not see what mine eyes hold within their gaze.
Look upon life as you might a child, innocent and yet full of change.
Stand by yourself for awhile is such is your desire.
But know also that to do such has a price as does all life.
You play your little games, I fathom not the reasons.
Your purpose is your own, I make no claim to understand.
I have stood upon the barrior of darkness for many years.
I have even crossed unto the darkest of all realms.
Yea I be tainted, but for the price of the taint I learned of truth.
To teach is what I have wanted but I find no one listens.
The truth frightens, the truth destroys.
I cant blame you for running, perhaps if things were different Id run too.
Life is too complicated to be sorted out by the likes of me.
Perhaps you and and your kind will find your own answers.
The answers I have for you are not the one you need or want.
What then I ask is truth, can it be true for one and not for others.
Is it a whole truth for all but only a few understand or care.
Do even these simple questions cause confusion.
Even as I stand here I wonder what then is to become of truth.
What is honor without truth.
Are there such things as lies with purpose.
Are not lies all wrong for any reason even to help.
Am I wrong to exist as I am or as I will become.
What of emotion, does it too play a role in truth.
Does emtion dictate the rules of honor.
What is purpose without truth, with honor.
I wonder but I dont think Ill ever have answers.
Does anyone truly understand and if with understanding does any care??????

Subj : Love

Love, an emotion unlike others that Ive felt.
Love makes for great joy and happiness but tis also a point of sorrow.
When two are together and their union is whole, joy is found.
When two who are whole are torn apart then the pain is apparent.
What is love to one who has never received love but has found hate and
Can such a being love at all or is it only the pain that causes LOVE.
Love is the destruction of all that logical, of all reality.
It is said Love can remove all barriors. A lie.
Love holds no power except perhaps to those that love.
Is love important to living, can a being survive without love.
Surely the being made feed off other emotions, such as hate and fear.
Does this feeding then make the being evil or dark of hue.
Without knowing of love is not then life made the less.
Should not life be lived to the fullest extent.
To the fullest would nessecitate emotional feedback would it not.
What is Love?
A fools game!
A game for poor poppinjays who understand nothing.
A trap for the blind, the foolish, and even the wise.
A constant sorrow, a constant battle, even a trial.
A means by which life is to be experienced.
And Love is a feeling that one can only hope to survive.

Subj : The Code

With all that has been and all that will be I sometimes wonder what it is
that hold me in place.
I know much more then others my age, in fact too much do I know, it is
that knowledge that I must face.
I stand hard upon this earth, I have much to give and yet I want no longer
to share.
When I have tried to give, I have been rebuffed, I have been turned upon,
now I no longer care.
So if not caring, what then drives me to remain true, true to a foolish
promise made.
Am I then to be considered compassionate, ha, no I see too well, Ill not
believe that facade.
Do I remain for some great unknown purpose that is a mystery even to
Do I survive to aid those that have spurned, those that have taken out
their anger, their agony.
No, to all of the above, I survive only because of the damned code.
I survive because of honor, because to break a promise is wrong, I survive
because I carry a most burdensome load.

Subj : Sight Unseen

You look but you dont see.
You see what it appears to be.
You cant look beyond what is there.
You dont know what is hidden or bare.
You dont understand, nor do you really care.
You stand far away with those eyes that seem to dare.
You are afraid, aye tis true at least know truth of your own.
You hide from this truth and others but you cant hide when your shown.
You see the smile, and you are well pleased.
You see the pride, but you know not that tis is a lie to appease.
You are safe now, for you are well away from danger.
You will never know, tis better this way, your safe within thine manger.
You will forget as all mortals do.
You will learn to enjoy life too.
You will seek your fortune and someday you will discover its hiding place.
You will make well of your life and at the end youll have quite a trophy
You will do much and those that follow you will do even more.
You will be forever remembered in that book of books, the Ancient Lore.
You will do right and this is pleasing to me.
You seek your life and Ill seek my destiny.