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 / ___| |__   ___| | (_) ___  |  _ \  ___ _ __   ___  _ __| |_ ___ _ __ 
| |   | '_ \ / _ \ | | |/ _ \ | | | |/ _ \ '_ \ / _ \| '__| __/ _ \ '__|
| |___| | | |  __/ | | |  __/ | |_| |  __/ |_) | (_) | |  | ||  __/ |   
 \____|_| |_|\___|_|_|_|\___| |____/ \___| .__/ \___/|_|   \__\___|_|   
Chellie DePorter

"I wish I could call it teenage depressive angst-written anger poetry, but it just isn't. I was basically an emotional fluffball as a teenager, and it pretty much comes through here. Wish it were better, but here it is, typos and all faithfully recreated for your reading "pleasure."

-Chellie DePorter

Subj : Ode to me
In the darkness of the universe 
By the light of all the stars 
I soar beyond normal men's dreams 
Of Jupiter and Mars 
I wander on through space and time 
Where night turns into day 
My only company the stars 
That guide me on my way. 
Forever does this, my world, stretch 
And so I wander on 
Waiting for the final hour 
A lonely vagabond. 

Subj : Conventions 
Creatures, costumes, movies 
Money I have to spend 
That I don't really have 
Wander the halls 
Crash the rooms 
Eat, drink, be merry 
Subj : Man in Black 
The Knight in Black 
He will attack 
Behind you there 
Don't stop or stare 
His blade so strong 
Is six feet long 
And with it 
He kills bunnies, bunnies 
And with it he kills bunnies. 
The man in black 
He will attack 
During the night 
They hop in fright 
His armor cold 
He's big, he's bold 
The big knight 
Steps on bunnies, bunnies 
The big knight steps on bunnies. 
The man in black 
He was attacked 
A wizard wise 
In a disguise 
Small, fuzzy, white 
Killed one lone knight 
The wizard fried the knight, the knight 
The wizard fried the knight. 
   --Written during an English final. 
Subj : Ode on Tomorrow 
Tomorrow, how many times have I wandered 
So very far in search of your secrets 
But you excape me once and again 
Like crisp autumn leaves skittering down the walk 
In the brisk morning breeze. 
Many times have I reached for you 
When I thought you were nearer than you are 
Only to have my visions of you swept away 
As if it were a misty fog 
Oh, Tomorrow, you are always changing 
The many waves upon the sea of time 
And as I drift on, you change eternally 
Never what I expected you to be 
Or how I expected you to look. 
As Tomorr,w you are unreachable 
Hiding around the corner, always out of sight 
Unthinkable, unimaginable, tenderly wrapped 
IN the fine fabric of time 
I will wait here for you. 
Subj : Untitled

Though it is true
I know you not well
Yet together we think
Much alike are we
It is of you I learn
And your actions I ponder
For, upon seeing you
Things change inside of me
Though I am yet a child
Worried do I become
Concerned with myself
For I only want to be
Pleasing for you
And as I am yet young
Younger than my years
It is true
I am a foolish, lovesick maid
Stumbling over thoughts
Stuttering in speech
As a blush paints my cheek
My head spins 'round
Reality no longer exists
Only thoughts of you, dear
My head is filled
Only with thoughts of you.

By   : Chellie Deporter
Subj : To J.

You give me things
I can't accept
But I do
They signify a love
That does not shine as brightly
AS it once did
I told you
Never would you lose me
But I cannot stay
I cannot remain
With you
We, together
Must come apart
Pain is not what I seek
Nor is hatred
Do not hurt for me
Do not hurt for you
I will hurt for us
And what I cannot uphold
It is my fault
I cannot love you
AS I said I did
And I did
So dear to me, you are
DO not try to reason
The heart cannot reason
Only love and feel
As mine did
But can no longer
And will no more.

By   : Chellie Deporter
Subj : Unrequitted Love

Unrequitted love causes great pain and sorrow
The lovers, they wander and wait 'till the morrow
For the time when they would look on their dear lover's face
And hope and aspire to win their true love's grace
Yet the lover, when not returned, in the heart doth burn a hole
And the lack of true love's favor keeps a man from being whole
So the long, sad days carry on and drag him by
Causing this poor lover to stop and ponder why
He is unable to perform the task to stop the strife
He cannot take the woman he loves as his dear wife
This lover wanders on sadly from day to day
Praying that the woman he loves will love him the same way
But his vision lies unreached and he does not complete his quest
Yet he tries to the very day his soul is laid to rest.

By   : Chellie Deporter
Subj : Arise, Great Sol

Arise, great Sol, and greet the brand new day
And help me make it through the hours now
It seems that you have found another way
To travel 'round the Earth, for you don't show
Your light and warmth upon the ground.  They say
You will not be returning.  They just know
The children now will have no light to play
As they did before, and nothing new will grow.
Why have you left us here inside the gloom
That envelops us like eternal night
Now I must hide inside my room
And wait for a solution to the blight
Won't you return and give us what we need
To raise our children and grow the seed?

Subj : Poem

So very much in love
But am I here alone?
I wander blindly through
Misty fog and vague statements
Do I merely love
xDOr are we in love?
I tell him my feelings
But he will not
RElate his to me.
I tell him I love him
But he will not tell me
He loves me.
Circular reasoning
I sit and wait in it all
Can {_I share my love
Ir will it be pushed away
Does he care
Or merely pretend
Can he show me
Or must I merely believe