The Infamous Daryl Westfall
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Here are the poems by Daryl Westfall, my favourite BBS poet. Thanks to Rod Williams for these poems, which are all out of his Apollo log files. There should be more to come, when he sends me more disks to convert. It would be great if Daryl wrote an introduction for this space, wouldn't it?

Message: 1040
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: Ode To Blue Cheese
Date: 10/08/88  Time: 01:08:04

Nasty, putrid
Growing fuzz
Take a whiff
And get a buzz
Month-old blu cheez
On my plate
Getting older
Looking great!
Shall I eat it?
Should I wait?
Shall my cheez
Decay on plate?
I am such a
Righteous dood
I've got rotten
Blu cheez food.
Message: 1044

Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: Ode To Bananas
Date: 10/09/88  Time: 10:32:25

They don't have bones
As we all know
And grow in the tropics
Where de big wind blow
They're big and yellow
And sure to please
Just don't leave them
Next to the old blu cheez.

Message: 1049
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: Cabbage Heads
Date: 10/10/88  Time: 23:49:36

Cabbage Heads, Cabbage Heads
All in a row
Watch them rot in a vacant lot
and kick them with your toe
Throw them up against the wall
And watch them bounce around
Dress them up in formal tux
And let them paint the town
Cabbage Heads, cabbage heads
Never get a date
They just sell insurance
And always get in late.

Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: New Poem
Date: 08/08/88  Time: 00:19:11

Ending the reign of darkness
Lodged deep within my soul,
Visions of bright light fill me
Innocence returns, and I am happy
Silently I smile to myself.
Longing no more
I have everything I could want
Vitality, humor, and strength
Ending my silence, I grab my rhinestone jacket, Blue
Suede shoes, and sing my song.

Message: 2115
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Cosmos-Chatter
Subject: (see below)
Date: 10/10/88  Time: 23:58:04

"Industrial Funkadelic Sludge"
My sister has just one buttock
And lives in someplace Greek
She tattooed rainbows on her nose
And dates a fucking geek
I walk around in Polyester
Whistling the news
My father sits on flaming spears
And downs a couple brews
I don't know where my mother is
We lost her years from now
She'll probably return last week
But I don't quite know how
I dance around industrial waste
In the flatulent breeze
Some say a rose would smell as sweet
I think I'll belch at trees.

Message: 1070
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: Heidi
Date: 10/14/88  Time: 01:23:28

I'm sorry I was drunk
And I really wish
I could have shown you
How much I care
But in a way
I'm glad I didn't
Though the desire is still strong
I wish I could have made love to you
But I'm glad I didn't.

Message: 961
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: David
Date: 08/18/88  Time: 12:01:27

Silly boy, there you go again
Amusing me always in your quest
To find hidden meanings in my poems.
As I said before, I tell everything,
Nothing is hidden.

Message: 2001
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Poetry
Subject: Oneinthemorning
Date: 12/12/88  Time: 08:56:27

I sit alone
She lays alone
I think to myself
Is this what I want?
Am I happy?
She dreams
Of handsome knights
And dashing gentlemen
I look down
From my chair
And sigh
She turns over
In her bed
And sighs
And then I wonder
Just who is dreaming?

Message: 2123
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Cosmos-Chatter
Subject: Holiday In Toronto
Date: 10/11/88  Time: 22:31:52

No holiday in Toronto
No holiday for me
Let's get out of here pronto
And throw away the key
Toronto makes me want to belch
At foreign diplomats
It's the place I wish to squelch
Or infestate with rats
I guess my irk is obvious
It's all quite plain to see
I'll never go Toronto
Let Toronto come to me.

Message: 1054
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: Reggae
Date: 10/11/88  Time: 22:38:29

Me no go Toronto
Man dat place be not for me
Me no go Toronto
Dat be de place I never see

Message: 918
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: Poetry
Date: 07/28/88  Time: 23:35:57

Joy, even in the saddest moments
And a sense of calm even in
Moments of chaos...
Every man desires these qualities,
Some even search to the ends of the Earth.
To smile in the face of sorrow
And to laugh in the face of pain
Revel in the spoils of victory
And to lose honorably
Never to speak a harsh word or
To judge another without judging yourself
Old world values are sometimes the best.
If you have all of these qualities,
Surely you are a man of the world.
And all of your dreams should be within your reach.
Find yourself, find the person inside
And help that person to grow, and to flourish
Gather the seeds of happiness and plant them generously.
                           - D. Westfall

Message: 2024
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Music
Subject: music
Date: 12/22/88  Time: 11:26:47

(Lyrics By Daryl Westfall)
(Performed By Happy Bob & The Dorks)
It's Chr.shtmlas
In Bizarro Land
Little Bobby
Ain't gettin' nothin'
Little Bobby
Was a bad little boy
So they're cutting his hands off
To give to science
Little Bobby
Is so happy
In Bizarro Land
Chr.shtmlas is
Bizarro land Chr.shtmlas
Is so sad
Little Bobby
(c)1988 Applause Music/Electronic Publ., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Message: 956
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Poetry
Subject: She
Date: 08/17/88  Time: 22:57:49

Sometimes she makes me want to
Take a leap from the balcony
And leave my fragile body
At the mercy of the concrete below.

Message: 2420
Author: $ Daryl Westfall
Category: Chit-Chat
Subject: The Family Lives
Date: 08/13/89  Time: 23:01:33

Looking in from the outside
At faces that I used to know
So sad that friendships wither
And are tramped into desolate snow
Your faces all look the same
But I know some things have changed
The family lives, the circle lives
The order is rearranged
Faces that I trusted so
Now glare as cold as stone
Except when family's near at hand
You've left me all alone
You say it's time for you to leave
I'm such a tiresome bore
Be careful that you are not struck
By my quickly closing door.
                        - To La Sagrada Familia II