____                     _      _         __  __ 
|  _ \ __ _ ___  ___ __ _| |    / \       |  \/  |
| |_) / _` / __|/ __/ _` | |   / _ \ _____| |\/| |
|  __/ (_| \__ \ (_| (_| | |  / ___ \_____| |  | |
|_|   \__,_|___/\___\__,_|_| /_/   \_\    |_|  |_|
777.zip5534671/22-93777 BBS Software v1.99 beta
baphsrce.zip46407311/10-97Baphomet BBS Software Written by Absalom
Compiled under Turbo Pascal v6.0
* Forum/Vision Clone *
bd0521.zip46865511/10-97* B A C K D O O R - B B S *
originated from TeleGard 2.5g
blsrcpas.zip47930511/10-97Black Lightning BBS Source in Pascal
bx20bsrc.zip13748911/10-97Brand-X BBS 2.0b
Forum Clone [PAS] Soruce
cirron.zip48215911/10-97Cirron BBS Pascal Source Code.
* Vision Clone *
cyanide.zip24631411/10-97Cyanide - TP BBS SRC
Forum Clone - TP 5.5
dlx70bbs.zip48801211/10-97DLX MULTI-LINE BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM
Version 7.0
w. Full Pascal code
EMULEX Bulletin Board System -new- v2.00.
Complete, ready-to-compile TURBO PASCAL
SOURCE CODE for a powerful, and simple
BBS software package.

Emulex has file, message and online door
functions plus a handy internal line and
full screen editor. This software also
has multiple chat types, bulletin system
and internal configurable database. This
code even includes the internal Trivia
system - a bonus.

REQUIRES: Turbo Pascal 7.0, 300kb, and
a hard disk. *FREEWARE*
faq-s.zip34320111/10-97FAQ BBS - Functional and Quick V1.02
forum250.zip19676511/10-97Forum BBS v2.50 - will build under tp5+
fusion.zip40464611/10-97FUSiON BBS Software
With Full PASCAL Source
fysrcv75.zip25651111/10-97Fenoly BBS V75
gen12src.zip48130311/10-97Genesis Ver 1.2 Source
* A Telegard Clone *
genopas.zip68072511/10-97Genocide/TransPhor .40i
Forum/Vision Clone
helm001s.zip77320111/10-97HELiUM v0.01 BBS
imp45s7.zip69656011/10-97Implus BBS v4.5s7
imp71src.zip4035118/30-98Implus BBS v7.1 Source
in2sourc.zip63750411/10-97Innovation BBS Software 2.0 SOURCE CODE
(written in pascal, compile with TP/BP)
Like Renegade&TG BBS, based on the same
code. *Recompile and use as you wish!**
Has rumors, 10line FILE_IDs, ect! Eh'95
infinity.zip22416111/10-97 iNFiNiTY BBS
(Source Code, Pascal)
iniqsrc.zip90824311/10-97Iniquity Alpha 25r2 Source
In Turbo Pascal by Fi end
Source code is from shortly
after a25r2 release.
Released by: daylight.
insansrc.zip78938811/10-97I N S A N I T Y 3.0
Insanity v2.1 originated with ideas from
Telegard 2.5i, LSD 1.32r, Celerity 1.38,
Emulex/2, & Misc. Other Software (Not WWIV).
iq20src.zip42309310/18-98Iniquity BBS 2.0 Source
(c)Copyright 1995-1996 Mike Fricker, 1997-1998 IDT
iqa25src.zip90817311/10-97-iniquity development team-
Iniquity a25 Source Code
iqa26src.zip34986511/10-97-iniquity development team-
Iniquity a26 Source Code
lc111696.zip98663211/10-97Lucid Bbs Software Version .1 (C) 1996
Ruthless Enterprises
Pascal Source Incl. * Unpack With -D *
lsd-123s.zip2477523/19-98LSD BBS - Pascal Source
Version 1.23 S
lsd-123z.zip2722533/19-98LSD BBS - Pascal Source
Version 1.23 Z
lucidsrc.zip13820604/3-98The Lucid BBS Beta 30 source in Pascal.!!!
Its release by me judge dredd the author of
it. I have no time to finish it and thought
maybe someone out there might be able to use
this to do something with. And if there isnt
oh well i dont really care. This includes
everything that i did for Lucid. There is
alot of good code, and there is alot of bad
code. Do whatever you want with this.
judge dredd (Steven Chesser)
machsrc.zip35628711/10-97Mach-10 BBS 3.0b
Good features, Pascal source code
mksrc001.zip36929811/10-97Full modern source to a BBS v.001 FW by Mark May
morphsrc.zip34098111/10-97Morpheus - based on Forum sources