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Issue # Description Author
#1 1-11-86 Taking Care of Your Computer (humor) - is your printer becoming clogged with paper dust? Try setting it in front of an open fire hydrant. This and other valuable hints are given. Gene B. Williams
#2 1-25-86 Beans, Bags and Smiler Jack (fiction) - This rather bizarre story involves the first contact with an alien species - and a problem with the food synthesizer. Gene B. Williams
#3 2-01-86 Nuclear War - Nuclear Winter (article) - I wrote a book titled, NUCLEAR WAR, NUCLEAR WINTER for Franklin Watts. The book is obviously more detailed. This article touches on the highlights about the effects of nuclear war. Gene B. Williams
#4 2-9-86 There's Always Tomorrow (fiction) - One of the great failings of humankind is procrastination. Things get put off. Things are left unsaid. And suddenly, it's too late. Gene B. Williams
#5 2-25-86 The Famous Baby Issue (birth) - Men have been kept out of birthing, and anything to do with babies, for many generations. Without just cause, and to great detriment to society. This issue shows that fathers ARE directly involved - or can be. Gene B. Williams
#6 3-07-86 Evolution - There are still factions who ignore the obvious and dismiss evolution as impossible. This issue clears up some of the objections and shows that the idea is NOT just a theory but established fact. Gene B. Williams
#7 3-15-86 The $3.75 (plus tax) Man (fiction) - Do you remember "The Six Million Dollar Man" from television? What would happen if a tv-addict doctor got his hands on a crashed crop duster? Gene B. Williams
#8 3-22-86 Satellite Television - Legal or Illegal? - Cable channels still broadcast a disclaimer, saying that it is illegal to intercept the signals without authorization. That much is true. What they don't tell you is that you have authorization, from the federal government. Gene B. Williams
#9 3-29-86 Getting Started in Broadcasting - Chris was in broadcasting for a number of years. He brings this expertise to provide valuable advice for
those of you who might have the same dream.
Chris Mitchell
#10 4-5-86 Writing as a Career - My own profession is freelance writer/photographer. If you think that this might be to your own liking, read the issue and find out if you have what it takes. Gene B. Williams
#11 4-12-86 Finding a Job - It's not just walking in the door and filling out an application. Gene B. Williams
#12 4-19-86 The Star Wars Scheme - Scheme is right! This system promises to at least double the national debt - and it won't work. Gene B. Williams
#13 4-26-86 Miscellaneous Stuff - A collection of odd bits and news items. Gene B. Williams
#14 5-10-86 Toy From the Stars - A young boy meets an alien and is given a toy from the stars. He rushes home, and opens the box to find . . . . Gene B. Williams
#15 5-18-86 The Chilton Book Series - I get a steady string of people wanting to know just what I have written. This issue was a partial answer to that Gene B. Williams
#16 5-24-86 Computer Repair - The first issue was humorous. This one is much more practical. Gene B. Williams
#17 5-31-86 Some Short Stories - Actually, short short stories. Gene B. Williams
#18 6-7-86 Nuclear Power - Can a nuclear power plant blow up like a bomb? Just how safe are they? Jim Lippard
#19 6-21-86 Rovin' - More miscellaneous odd bits and news stories. Gene B. Williams
#20 6-28-86 Ghost of Highway 12 - A man appears in the road ahead of you. You slam on the brakes, to no avail. But, the man isn't run down - he glides through your vehicle as if it wasn't there. He smiles and says, "I've come to release you from this world." Gene B. Williams
#21 7-11-86 Financial Planning - The social security system is a mess. Banks are failing. How can you protect yourself? Bob E.shtmlan
#22 7-22-86 You're In the Army Now . . . and now . . . Although young men still have to register, there is no draft at this time. Maybe there's a reason? Gene B. Williams
#23 8-7-86 Home Study - Bob returns with another guest issue, this time on the ins and outs of studying at home by correspondence. Bob E.shtmlan
#24 8-16-86 Finding a Job - Issue 11 brought some interesting questions. This continuation of the topic was done to answer those.
Gene B. Williams
#25 8-30-86 More Rovin' - Still more miscellaneous odd bits and news stories. Gene B. Williams
#26 9-4-86 Bugs! - The ultimate real estate story! Gene B. Williams
#27 9-17-86 Writing For Zephyr Magazine - Since its beginning, I've encouraged other users to contribute to the magazine. This issue tells you how. Gene B. Williams
#28 10-1-86 "Rich Man - Poor Man" - Fiction, with a twist. John Arbon
#29 10-10-86 The Monsters of Terrance Peak - The nuclear holocaust has happened. In the hundreds of years that followed, radiation is said to have caused creatures in the mountains to mutate into monsters. And now you're trapped up there, with no way down. The bushes rustle. Gene B. Williams
#30 11-3-86 Buying a Car - There are right ways, and wrong ways, to get a vehicle.
Gene B. Williams
#31 11-22-86 The Geek - Fiction about a science fair. Cathy Cosgrove
#32 12-1-86 The Wish - John returns with another piece of fiction, this time a variation on the genii in the bottle theme. John Arbon
#33 12-9-86 Chr.shtmlas Gifts - Broke? Don't despair. There are ways to give presents without going into debt. Gene B. Williams
#34 12-25-86 In Review - More detailed than the above. Gene B. Williams
#35 1-10-87 Amateur Radio - What is it? How can you get started? It's a fascinating hobby. Gene B. Williams
#36 1-30-87 Home Video - Part 1 - I wrote two books on home video. This issue and the next summarizes what's in those books. Gene B. Williams
#37 2-12-87 Home Video - Part 2 - continuation of Issue 36. Gene B. Williams
#38 3-1-87 VTR Maintenance - Also a continuation, but with a concentration of how to take care of the equipment. Gene B. Williams
#39 4-10-87 How to Use Zephyr - Things have changed. This issue is no longer appropriate and needs to be updated. Still, it contains some valuable tips on working BBSes. Gene B. Williams
#40 5-26-87 Out-of-Body Experiences - Some will argue that there is no soul. Others say that the soul is immortal, and is released upon death. This guest article covers the popular idea that the soul can leave the body, and come back again. Steve Jackson
#41 6-6-87 Odds 'n' Ends - Short fiction about a cat and a fire. Chris Mitchell
#42 7-20-87 Mecham Recal - Can any of us forget? Or is the problem that most of us have forgotten? This issue discusses what it was all about. Gene B. Williams
#43 7-29-87 Nicaragua and the Contras - At this writing, Oliver North was just given a nonsentence for ripping off the taxpayers, and undermining the Constitution. Gene B. Williams
#44 8-16-87 Sound, Light, Antennas and Relativity - A discussion was taking place on another board. With all due respects, what it demonstrated was an incredible amount of ignorance. This issue was written to answer that ignorance and maybe help inform. Gene B. Williams
#45 8-24-87 A Country Born - Oh, beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain . . . . How DID America come about? Gene B. Williams
#46 9-11-87 Unusual Seeds - Animals evolve. So do plants. There are some groups around the country who exist to help preserve some of those plants. Gene B. Williams
#47 9-20-87 Vegetarianism - It's almost always misunderstood. Practitioners are sometimes thought of as "kooks." But is it the vegetarian who is a kook, or those of us who eat meat? Chris Mitchell
#48 10-06-87 A New Force in Physics - The effect was extremely small, but was distinct. While not important to most of us in our normal lives, any force of nature deserves study. Alan Hamilton
#49 11-10-87 Run For Freedom - A true story of danger beginning with the Russian Revolution of 1917 and ending after World War II. Gene B. Williams
#50 11-27-87 Santa's Little Heroes - Ever hear a friend complain about what he or she got (or didn't get) for Chr.shtmlas? Ever feel like complaining yourself? Then think about the 6-year-old boy who has never had a Chr.shtmlas, and won't have ever again because in a few months, he'll be dead. Gene B. Williams
#51 12-23-87 Past Issues Review - Like this, but with more detail. Gene B. Williams
#52 1-09-88 Age Discrimination? - The Schirgs of Dreamland Villa in Mesa were told that it was illegal to have their daughter and granddaughter live with them. While firmly and undeniable illegal to discriminate against someone because they are "too old," it's common practice in Arizona (and a few other places) to discriminate against someone for being "too young." Gene B. Williams
#53 2-05-88 Monster? - The usual solution when the government needs money is to raise taxes, and then raise them again - and even add a surtax on the amount of tax you already paid. Some say that more than half of every dollar is taken directly or indirectly by taxes. Gene B. Williams
#54 2-17-88 Trade Protection - A guest issue about foreign policies. Issue Missing Jay Turberville
#55 3-18-88 RUN FOR FREEDOM - Chapter Three - A complete chapter from the book summarized in Issue 49. Gene B. Williams
#56 5-22-88 Things You Never Needed to Know - Just plain silly stuff. Gene B. Williams
#57 6-05-88 More Morology - And more silly stuff. Gene B. Williams
#58 7-03-88 The Equal Rights Amendment - The ERA keeps getting defeated, but is still very much alive. Leigh
#59 9-25-88 Crime and Punishment? - Sometime the laws that regulate how we live make sense. Sometimes, they don't. Gene B. Williams
#60 10-16-88 Mysticism - Mysticism is not what many think it to be. Sue Miller
#61 12-05-88 From Waste to Profit - How do you take the expense of getting rid of waste, such as cow ca-ca, and turn it into profit? Arizona Dairy did just that. Gene B. Williams
#62 1-15-89 ESP - Chris's wife, Marge, wrote a philosophical article on the topic for class, and then agreed to share it with us here. Margaret Mitchell
#63 4-26-89 Laser Leveling - Over and over and over again, we hear about how farmers use so much water. What we don't hear about are those things being done to conserve water Lyle Knox
#64 5-24-89 Beans, Bags and Smiler Jack - Due to deadline pressures, I repeated an old issue (#2). Gene B. Williams
#65 7-08-89 This one. You just read it. Gene B. Williams
#66 7-21-89 The art of giving directions Pete Manly
#67 8-04-89 The Secrets of Converting Hex to Decimal Michael Setzer

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